Stowarzyszenie WIOSNA

The WIOSNA Association (literally The SPRING Association) was established in 2001. We are a non-profit organization. Our mission is to promote solidarity with the needy, to mediate in the organization of assistance and create a civic society. First and foremost, we want people to effectively help each other.

We operate mainly through volunteer work. Only last year we cooperated with over 11 100 volunteers and community leaders. All our projects are based on aid mechanism, which relies on a careful diagnosis of needs and only then involving smart, well-designed and most effective ways of helping people in need, so that it inspires them to change their lives.

What distinguishes our organization from others is our efficiency. The value of aid has been gradually growing. Last year alone, we helped and assisted over 14 500 families and 1 500 children with a total aid value of whooping EUR 11,000,000!

What we do:

  • THE NOBLE GIFT (SZLACHETNA PACZKA) is a nationwide campaign of Christmas aid organised since 2001. Its main premise is the idea of providing direct aid so that it is effective, concrete and meaningful, but also giving hope and an impulse to act to the families that found themselves in a difficult situation. In the NOBLE GIFT project private donors respond to the needs of socially excluded people from their city or neighbourhood in the following manner: first volunteers who look for families affected by poverty, visit them and ask about what they need most. About a month before Christmas, the information is placed in an anonymous Internet database allowing the donors to select a particular family and prepare a Christmas parcel especially for them.
  • THE ACADEMY OF THE FUTURE (AKADEMIA PRZYSZŁOŚCI). Implemented from 2003 is a yearlong program of educational meetings for individual children growing up in difficult conditions who also have problems at school. Here, every child has the right to be successful! Our basic standard is individual commitment: during weekly classes a personal tutor (our volunteer) helps a child cope with a specific school problem such as fractions or spelling. In addition to overcoming difficulties at school, the volunteer also supports the pupil in the discovery of their other dimensions. They try to prove that contrary to earlier difficulties, the child is unique and important.
  • Labour market projects. The WIOSNA Association also has wide experience in improving the employability of socially excluded people (i.e. unemployed people with disabilities, 50+, graduates without work experience). Our methodology of working is aimed at their professional and social activation, based on an individual approach to each person and his needs. Depending on the skills and competences that they already posses, for each person there are stages of activation established through individual work with a work advisor (i.e. training on social competences, individual work advice and psychological counselling, inspirational meetings, training on transversal skills vocational training, internship). In recent years, the support received more than a half thousand unemployed.


Dominika Langer-Gniłka
Customer Relationship Director
Vice President of The WIOSNA Association
e-mail: [email protected]
m. +48 601 496 960

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