EmPOWERing YOUth - mission completed!

"EmPOWERing YOUth" was the contact-making seminar in the frame of ERASMUS + Programme. Project was held in Cracow (Poland) from 5-12 of November 2015. Seminar was organized by the Stowarzyszenie WIOSNA in cooperation with 8 partner organizations from: Armenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Egypt, Italy, Jordan, Lithuania and Turkey.

The seminar was dedicated to 27 people from 9 non-governmental organizations, which specialize in implementing social and educational projects for youth. The main objective of the project was to build strategic, international partnerships between organizations in the youth field.

The contact making seminar enabled networking amongst experienced organizations, bringing new inputs, perspectives for project planning and implementation. Moreover, participants created ideas for future projects directed to young people to stimulate them professionally, fight unemployed and strengthen their awareness of self-development. During the seminar, participants knew better the profile and the way of working of the other organizations.

The diversified composition of the group of participants was an asset to explore the multicultural dynamics of teamwork and allowed for incorporate new learning and cooperation methods at the level of cultural diversity.

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